Feeling smoked lately? Well I have and after talking to Rosko from B32 I started having a bit of a closer look at Adrenal Fatigue…

  • Sign #1: Difficulty getting up in the morning. It doesn't matter the time, you just don't feel awake enough.
  • Sign #2: Continuous cravings for salt or salty foods. You always need more salt than you're getting.
  • Sign #3: Increased effort to do every day tasks. You love training, but now it seems like everything from your warm-up to the deadlift sucks.
  • Sign #4: Decreased sex drive. It just isn't happening. Enough said.
  • Sign #5: Decreased ability to manage stress. The littlest things seem to set you off.
  • Sign #6: Increased recovery time. Any cuts you have take longer to heal, swelling stays around, that cough you've had is still there after a month, and your biceps still hurt from loading the bar when you were squatting.
  • Sign #7: Light-headedness from standing too quickly. You feel like you're going to pass out and you see bright images when you stand up.
  • Sign #8: Less overall life happiness. Nothing makes you happy: training sucks, your job sucks, and the weekends suck.
  • Sign #9: Increased symptoms with skipped meals. You're always hungry, every hour. If you miss a meal, you're craving something and every meal becomes a cheat meal.
  • Sign #10: Less productivity. Overall, you just can't get things done, you're distracted easily, and you can't work as efficiently or as quickly.

T-Nation has a pretty comprehensive article on it Adrenal Fatigue 101 – check it out…