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Hey guys, Sorry it's been so long updating the site. So much has been happening that it's been hard to sit down and stay focused long enough to put together a quick post. My bad ๐Ÿ™ It's been that whole 'too many spinning plates' concept…

Thursday night Gymnastics

For most people it’s been ages since they did a somersault on a trampoline or even a forward roll on a mat. Well for me at least and that’s how it had been for me for as long as I can remember – the last time I’ve actually been on a trampoline with out freaking out I was going to break it because I was too heavy was when I 17… Well that was all up until about 3 weeks ago…

We've now got a solid group of guys and girls regularly attending the Thursday night adult gymnastics session @ Canberra City Gymnastics (Cnr or Chandler and College Streets, Belconnen @ 8pm) It's been an absolute blast with everyone stepping up and pushing themselves beyond what they thought they could do. Rosey was busting out double somersaults into the foam pit and Becca nailed her first rope climb. I'll be taking some video footage of this Thursday night's session (so I actually make myself take a break… you see you can pretty much go all night long because it's so much fun and it's not until you wake up the next morning feeling like you were put through a blender that you realise you were actually working out?!

Keiren and a couple of other trainersย  have noticed the Adapt group growing and have even offered to run us through some structured lessons. So we can improve on a number of different gymnastic skills and apparatuses. These sessions offer you a chance to gain better body awareness and improve your self confidence. Beyond that though it really is so much fun! No seriously – come and check it out!

  • WHAT: Adult Gymnastics Session
  • WHERE: Canberra City Gymnastics, Cnr or Chandler and College Streets Belconnen
  • WHEN: Every Thursday night @ 8pm
  • COST: $15/session – Though you'll need to pay for some personal insurance after your third session (which covers you for a full year)

New Gear & Stuff in the fridge

For the guys who've made it too the Belconnen workouts you'll notice a couple of new squat stands. These have proved absolutely fantastic in allowing everyone to focus on some strength based WODs to find 3, & 1RM for a number of different lifts. I even got a fresh delivery of dumbells, bumpers and more chalk (Yay!) this morning so we'll start throwing those around over the next couple of weeks ๐Ÿ™‚

After you've finished your workout we now have a selection of megaburn bars and protein revival drinks. The protein revivals are : $4.50 and the bars are $4. I'll be bringing in some shakers and WPI Powder, Cacao and Cinnamon to mix up if you're after the budget option @ $2 a mix too.

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