Are you just ticking a box?

From the June Newsletter…

I was speaking to Becca the other day in regards to how she used to go to the Gym at ClubLime. We mused over what life was like back then and how it compared to now? It's been awesome to see how far she's come working out in the garage with me and without the aid of a lat pull-down or leg press machine. She's stronger than ever and running better than ever and I'm happy to say that it's no thanks to pin loaded machines or a treadmill… I asked her: now that she knew what it took to achieve real fitness, could she go back to a gym with all the machines, treadmills and mirrors, etc.? I guessed I asked the question in jest but got a response that was far deeper than I had anticipated…

She brought up a really good point that mega-gyms like Club Lime and and Fitness First only exist for people who want to tick the box – not for people actually trying to achieve real health & fitness. The whole mega-gym sales pitch is based on you maintaining your comfortable life. And you continuing to return to a place that's always comfortable… I mean you watch TV all the time and hey, they want to keep you comfortable –  so why not come and watch TV at the gym while you 'tick the box' jogging on a treadmill or kicking back on one of the many recumbent cycles. Sean mentioned some Evo gym clients schedule workouts to be the same time as their favourite TV shows… WTF? I'm not saying that people who train at Fitness First don't have a clue (some of the guys that rock out to our Saturday arvo workouts train there but they also do CrossFit) If intensity is the key to results (and it is) but you have time to watch TV while you workout then I might question your level of intensity?

If you didn't already know personal growth is based on being uncomfortable. Uncomfortable with where you are right now, and it goes well beyond just health and fitness too. It applies to relationships, business, finances, and pretty much any area of your life that you're looking to experience growth. If your comfortable with where you're at (at this very point in time) why change? That is unless your version of 'change' is simply ticking boxes for your conscience… If someone asked you “Do you go to the gym?” You'd could tick that box and happily say “For sure! I go like 3x a week…” But do you know why you are going? are you going in order to achieve your health and fitness goals or just to tick a box?. Do you even know what those goals are? or have you forgotten? Do you feel comfortable when you go to the gym or get nervous before a workout? I'd say: get comfortable without being uncomfortable. as you cannot grow without it.

You need to move beyond ticking boxes and understand why you do what you're doing what you do. Once you understand the 'why' you need to set goals. and finally you need to track your progress towards those goals. The reason we time workouts, count reps and record results is so that you have a benchmarks to work with. If your workout isn't measurable how will you know that you did better than what you did last time? (beyond “well I'm 'pretty sure' I felt like I went harder than last time…?”) You can't record what you did in a body-attack, a body-balance or a spin class – and you're accountable to no one – just yourself and for most people ('most people') you'll always take the soft option – when the instructor asked you to wind up the resistance on the bike you had a choice – Maybe you did? Maybe you didn't? But I guess no-one but you will ever know…

That's the difference with CrossFit. Your results are public. You're accountable. You know exactly what your last 'Fran' time or 'Cindy' score is (as do we) – You know because your always thinking about how to beat it next time. You know what your 1RM deadlift or 3RM back squat is – You know because you actually care and it's been recorded. If you want something to grow, you need to track it. If you want to take control of your finances you'll create a budget and track your spending – If you want you get healthier, fitter, stronger and faster you'd track exactly what you've been eating and you'd track your workout results. What are your health & fitness goals? or have you forgotten? How are you tracking towards those goals? Are you doing everything you possibly can to achieve them or are you just 'ticking a box'…

Sean and I will continue to challenge you at every single workout and encourage you to question what you think you can achieve by pushing you beyond what you thought you were capable of…(whoa that was a big sentence) Every workout we run we'll try and get you out of your comfort zone. We get all our girls and guys to get upside down with frog-stands and handstands. We'll ask you to pick up heavy things. We do it because it expands your circle. You experience growth. If you're comfortable you won't grow. If you go to a place that doesnt challenge you mentally or physically every single time then you're not growing… We want you to find out what your capable of and trust us, it's so much more than you think.

Don't just tick a box. Know the why. Set some goals and track your progress towards those goals. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable and experience real health & fitness!

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Coach B

Husband of @rebeccafwarren. Dad of Madz & Isabelle. Coach & Owner of @adaptcrossfit. One Passionate Dude.

  • Brendo says:

    Great words, and absolutely true. As someone who works at the aforementioned Club Lime, I can attest to the words “ticking the box” – I see it in a lot of people who go there. There are some rare few who really commit to their workouts, but most people just seem to wander vaguely through their workouts with no real idea of where they’re going – wasting my time and theirs.

    As well as figuring out the “why” I’ve also found that being absolutely clear on what is so painful about your current situation really helps your success. From a fitness perspective, it might be that you can’t keep up with your kids, that you suffer from back and knee pain from chronic muscle tightness and strength imbalance (speaking from personal experience here) – whatever it is. Writing it down, every little hurt and frustration, living it and making the pain real until you get to the point where the frustration boils over and you absolutely can’t take it any more. Once you get there, it’s time to start work. If you can’t get yourself to that rock-bottom, then it’s going to be a lot harder keeping yourself motivated long enough to start realising the benefits of attaining your goals.

    Anyway, just some thoughts from my end – hopefully there’s something in that for people out there. Cheers for the post!

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  • […] you forgotten why you signed up with Adapt. Were you after results? Or are you just ticking a box? “Yeah, um well, I do workouts… I go to the gym…” Stop kidding yourself. […]

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