want to rock push-ups?

As everyone knows knows push-ups suck. Well at least it's served to be quite a sticking point for me in workouts like 'Cindy' and 'Angie'…

The cool thing about training with a bunch of like-minded guys and girls is that now and then everyone shares their little gems of wisdom – and even if you've heard it somewhere else before it's great to be reminded and re focused on what you knew so you can pick it up again and apply it.

Lately I've noticed that Jamie has been smashing push-ups in his workouts so I had to ask him what he was doing to get such significant improvements in such a short time frame? – He let me in on a secret that he and his wife Debbie were spending some time working on their weaknesses whenever they got a chance and that at the moment they were focusing on increasing their flexibility and push-up strength… Jamie stated that he'd been dropping to the floor when he got a chance and going for as many push-ups as he could do it one hit. He said that he'd gone from about 20 to 50 push-ups in the space of a fortnight. Nice.

I think somewhere along the line I must have decided that there was too much suck involved and wouldn't bother training push-ups until they came up next time in a WOD – what a mistake! The next WOD came along and long story short: I got my arse kicked. & Royally. The DOMs lasted for a week as well -> so taking a page out of Jamie's book, I've started doing the same: dropping and doing max push-ups whenever I get a chance…

Considering all it takes is less than a minute each time and the fact that it may reduce my next push-up based WOD time by about the same I'm going to keep on keeping on until I hit the magic 100… How are you're push-ups going?

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