Was it worth the move?

Well the answer's been a resounding “Hell Yes!” We've now been running workouts from the C3 Offices in Belconnen and it's fantastic! It certainly makes for an enjoyable session when all you guys are asking us to turn the heating off and while the carpet is taking a bit of getting used to as far as stable surfaces goes (unknown & unknowable…), stretching on it sure beats stretching on a cold concrete floor. No more prying frozen fingers off a frozen bar to put them on another frozen bar first thing in the morning too – nice.

Becca looks on...

A big thanks to all the guys who showed up for our open day and a massive thanks to Adapt's new partners in crime: Giffith Butchery, Woodford Massage Clinic and Aussie Supplements.

House keeping

Because Nick's been unbelievably accommodating we've got a couple of simple requests to ensure ongoing use of the space over winter…

1. Bring a towel. Use it.

Yep, we understand there's nothing better than falling in a steaming heap, out on your back after getting your arse kicked by Fran or Cindy but all we're asking is that you do so on top of a towel… So no more 'sweat angels' on the carpet. Put your towel down first and sweat all over that instead. It's more hygenic and will keep the place smelling nicer for longer.

2. No dumping of kettlebells, dumbells or bumpers on the carpet.

As joyful as it might be to let go of a kettlebell, DB or bumper after that last excruciating rep – please don't (well at least don't on the carpet) I know the carpet's pretty old but we've already had a couple of significant dents taken out of the floor (due to dropped KBs) so continue to make the extra effort and set down your weights down under control – it's better for your core if you do anyway…

What's new in June?

New T-shirts

Well the Tshirts have been a raging success although two things are clear: we should have got more guys shirts in small and we should have offered the girls black T's too. I thought all our guys were monsters but it seems they're shrinking? I though girls liked pink but they're all evil and love black. Well we've listened and we've got more on the way including: the original logo Ts, black girls Ts, smaller¬† guys Ts and we'll even be getting some zip hoodies – If you're interested let me know and I'll sure up numbers with our Tshirt lady Wendy…

Member cards

We've finally pulled out the finger and our new Member Cards are at the printers (and getting delivered tomorrow) so all our clients will be able to flash them when ever they visit one of our partners businesses and get sweet deals and discounts. For more info on what deals you can get and where check out our new Partners page.

Updates to the Tracker

Terence has been a busy little bee working on the tracker in his spare time (or at least when he's not at the library or down the south coast surfing) Notable updates include:

  • Updated Dashboard: now displays last 5 workouts / last 5 benchmark workouts / AdaptHF website feed.
  • New Whiteboard:¬† now displays all Adapt clients and their respective scores for classic CrossFit 'girl' and 'hero' WODs

If you haven't even seen the tracker yet because you've been living under a rock and don't know how to use a computer then let me know and I'll get you set up and/or send you login details (again) Otherwise check it out now!

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