New AdaptHF T-shirts have arrived!

New AdaptHF T-Shirts

That's right guys and girls. We have new T's and they're awesome! Because this is our first run we only have a limited number of sizes available for $30 each – they are:

  • Girls: 'HARDEN UP PRINCESS' in pink
    • Women's fitted Tshirt: 8(x1), 10(x1), 12(x2), 14(x1)
  • Guys: 'ALL IT TAKES IS ALL YOU'VE GOT' in black
    • Men's regular Tshirt: S(x3), M(x3), L(x3)
    • Men's fitted Tshirt: L(x2), XL(x3)

If you are interested in purchasing a shirt we will be selling them on Saturday afternoon ($30). I must say that I've received an overwhelming response for them already (we've sold 6 already) so if you're worried about missing out call me on 0407 900 795 and reserve one.

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