2010 Australian Regionals – an epic of epic epicness!

Hey guys, Well we're back from Sydney and the 2010 CrossFit Games Australian/NZ Regional Qualifier and OMG! What a weekend! Nick and Melissa came up to spend Saturday cheering on me and Kai, Liz and Amelia and the rest of Canberra crew as we threw down and got our arses kicked by 5 WODs in 2 days.

Megan Smith from CrossFit Base monstered through all the workouts and ended up coming in 2nd place which means that she'll be heading over to America to complete along side Commando Steve and Chris Hogan (who was the weekend's ultimate victor – winning all 5 events) Mick Shaw posted a pretty comprehensive wrap-up of the weekend's events here.

I owe a massive thanks to Rosko from CrossFit Crew for all his efforts in coaching me literally minutes before my event. I didn't manage to finish the workout in the allotted time but I did manage a new OH squat PR @ 60Kgs x12 – Without Ross this just would not have happened. I had no game plan at all. So thanks buddy you rock! And thanks to Becca, Nick, Melissa and the rest of the Canberra crew who cheered me on it was totally awesome – all you guys rock too!

Here's some footage of me having a crack at the final WOD…

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