stretch daily or practice your burpees

Hey guys, This week's nearly over and by Joe – we have a new challenge! We've been observing the whole Adapt crew of late and one things becoming pretty clear: you guys don't stretch enough! While it's a well known fact that most of the general public don't stretch enough I was surprised (well kinda) to find out that the only stretching you guys partake in is at the end of each session we run. Yay for you if you're a PT client because at least you get some regular PNF stretching. The amount of guys and girls getting around with tight hammies (which just in case you didn't know: is like driving around your car around with the hand-brake on) is crazy!

If you're sick and tired or waking up feeling tired and tight but you don't stretch – you have no right to complain. Do some stretching. You need to spend at least 20mins a day stretching. Next time you turn on the TV (because that's something you really have to think about doing) Turn it back off and spend a solid 20mins improving the quality of your life. We've run you through enough stretch sessions after workouts for you to stretch on your own – so what are you waiting for? Go ahead and bust out some 'child's pose' or 'glutorius' stretches.

Being a PT running multiple 1:1 PT and group fitness sessions everyday, I generally get a chance to sit down and run through all the stretches with you at the end of each session so I'd easily be getting the minimum required amount of 20min/day. On the days I don't run sessions I find the best time to stretch everything out is just before bed. It relaxes me. It opens up and relaxes my neck, shoulders, back, hips and lower body.

The Challenge:

We've taken your names and we've taken your sit'n'reach numbers and we now have a base. You have 7 days from the date of measurement to come back and blow your initial result out of the water (originally we said you have to beat your score – but as I always love to up the ante…) You have to beat your score by at least 2cm or more. If you fail to beat your initial score you have to do 100 penalty burpees and this will be after the workout of the day (not instead of one…)

For all you guys that think it's impossible it's time to turn off the telly and hook into some stretches…. You have 2 options: 1. increase your flexibilty and increase your performance or 2. practice your burpees and continue to walk around with the hand-brake on 🙁 Both Sean and I will be participating but because we're the trainers it's only fair that we're held to a higher standard: we need to register an improvement of 3cm or more… Sean this one's for you buddy!

Just so we can keep all you guys accountable and motivated here's your first round results:

  • Hutcho: +11
  • Rosey: +5
  • James: +12.5
  • Jamie: -13
  • Jase: +11.8
  • Nick: +8.5
  • Sean: -1
  • Ben: +14.5
  • Vonny: +12
  • Becca:  +16.5
  • Melissa: +4
  • Lori: +8.9
  • Peticus: +7
  • Tianna: -17

Coach B

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  • Becca says:

    guess i'd better get stretching!

  • Becca says:

    guess i’d better get stretching!

  • Briant Clark says:

    Yay – Burpees. The ultimate inspiration.

  • Briant Clark says:

    Yay – Burpees. The ultimate inspiration.

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