its easy to forget…

I use to work with Karina back in 2001 and she was going through some old photos recently when she stumbled upon a picture of me and Becca at a work function (or something). She was so gob-smacked by the photo that she emailed me the pic. The original photos had Becca in it too but (not to cause any additional embarrassment) I've cropped her out.

I've got to say while Karina's “OMG! Who is this guy?” response was totally justified considering the significant changes from the 2001 version of me compared to now, my response was one of disgust and a very gross feeling as I can remember what it was like to walk around in my overweight and sickly state 🙁

Well it's been 9 years but for all the guys who've been thinking “Ah Ben, he has no idea of what it's like to be overweight – he's always been that skinny…” The following pic's going to be some what of an eye opener and testament to the fact that 'it may not happen over night but it will happen…'

Ben (2001) - Ben (2009)

Ben (2001) - Ben (2009)

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