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Rosko's 5WODS: 2DAYS (or more appropriately '24HRs') was a raging success. I've put together my recollections of the past weekend's events – check it out:

Kai talks strategy while Liz warms up

Friday night's first 2 workouts saw guys wipe out their 1RM PBs (snatch, clean & jerk, bench press and back squat) and then going on to smash themselves with 3 sets of 35 burpees – it was a brutal intro into what really was a truly 'epic' weekend. Personally I hate burpees (yes, even more than box jumps) so WOD 2 sucked big time. Kai the 'machine' who's a 5 foot nothing, ball of muscle smashed them through in about 4mins…

Saturday morning for me started @ 7:15am @ Merici oval for Rosko's 3rd WOD: 1200m row, 120 double unders, 1200m run. I managed to come in second but my time was not even close to Rosko's sub 10min run. I did however, manage to edge out the 'machine' by 4 seconds (not much I know, but hey I'll take it 🙂 Straight after the WOD I downed a protein shake and dropped into Delissio (in Braddon) for a massive fruit salad (complete with berries, toasted museli, and rich creamy yogurt – also: very fricken awesome!) then I was off to run our regular Saturday morning session @ Lennox Gardens.

The 4th and 5th WODs were run out of our place at Palmerston. Just about everyone from the previous nights WODs were there as well as a heap of our very own regulars including: Becca, Peticus, Nick, Vonny, Hutcho, Lexi, SJ and Nikki – Even Sean (fresh from getting all of his wisdom teeth out a day earlier) showed up.

Nick: thrusters

If you've got a Fran time – you know how bad the workout sucks – nice work Rosko for throwing a benchmark workout into the mix as well 🙁 We ran 4 heats all up and the atmosphere was electric. We had the tunes cranked up pretty loud, sweat was flowing freely and PRs were being smashed – I know my neighbours love us (at least it wasn't 6.30am in the morning – like usual) – Kai wasn't at the 3pm workout (although I heard he'd done it somewhere else in some ridiculous time like 3:20 or something — yeah I bet it was inside somewhere with air-conditioning – nah just joking…. but seriously….?)

Peticus: chiseled back

The 5th WOD was spectacular! 'Not another Chipper' was a classic CrossFit 'chew you up & spit you out' WOD that all the guys totally annihilated. 3 heats – girls first: Megan, Liz, Amelia & Linda; boys rnd 1: Billy, Bilco, Jono & Leon; boys rnd 2: Rosko, Kai & me. Make no mistake, for me box jumps suck total arse – so you can imagine all the kind, fluffy thoughts going through my head when Rosko gave me the heads up earlier in the week about him programming 100 into the last workout 🙁 – a bastard act for sure, but he was going to have to do it too so maybe it wasn't so bad after all…?

Megan: sit-ups

Megan cleaned up the first heat and Liz cleaned up her shin (talk about keeping the bar close for SDHP) It was sheer determination that all these girls were still standing that late in the afternoon let alone busting out ring dips to finish their last massive workout of five.

Girls: ring dips

Bilco ran away with the second heat and Billy, Leon and Jono muscled, sweated and swore their way through the final WOD with magnificent performances, running on empty tanks.

I've just got to say that it's been absolutely incredible to watch the natural strength and talent of a couple of newbies like Linda and Bilco. Linda's pure determination on her last set of ring dips after ripping her hands apart earlier that afternoon doing Fran was inspiring! It's hard to believe that the last WOD was only Bilco's 6th crossfit workout ever – I give this guy 6 months: It's a fact: we'll definitely have another 'machine' on our hands (watch out Kai!)

Bilco: SDHP

The Final WOD: Ben's perspective

Kai absolutely destroyed us in the 3rd heat (and by a good 2 mins too). Rosko struggled through the first set of ring dips as Kai and myself managed to pretty much go unbroken through to sit-ups. Knowing that I sucked at everything else in the WOD I knew I had to get as far ahead of Ross as I possibly could…

rnd 2 boys: ring dips

Rosko finally caught me on the box jumps (which was expected: damn box jumps) but I managed to peg him back with some unbroken SDHP and get to the run first…. That was short lived though as I think I might have made only 100m before Ross absolutely smoked past me (I think he even lapped me – it was disgusting…) I just kept telling myself to stick with it – which was unbelievably hard considering Kai was no where to be seen (he'd probably already finished) and Rosko was pulling away quick and was already onto box jumps.

Rosko destroying the run

Half way through the second set of box jumps Bilco's screaming in my ear “come'n Rosko's only 6 ahead… – you can catch him…” then “7 ahead…”, “8 ahead…” Ross was pulling away 🙁 Ah shit I was totally dying in the arse and I had nothing left. Bilco was screaming. Sean was screaming too and I can still hear Sean: “Sack-up Ben! Get back on the Box!!!”

Ben: gassing out on box jumps as Rosko pulls away

By this stage Kai was completely finished (I think I heard that he went through the WOD unbroken on everything, ring dips, box jumps, the works and then back through the other way – holy shit he truly is a machine!) Bilco continued to bark numbers until the pain stopped (box jumps) and then I moved onto sit-ups (oh hang on a sec, a new kind of pain!) I so wanted to stop and rest but Rosko wasn't letting up so I had to keep pushing….

Kai: smashing out his last set of ring dips

I watched in agony as Rosko jumped up from his sit-ups and headed into the garage for ring dips…. Bilco kept counting “28,29,30….” I jumped up, abs burning and bolted into the garage where Ross was ahead – well ahead (actually 8 ahead) I'd made it this far and this was it – I jumped up on the rings and went for it… 6 in a row, 3 in a row and I was stringing this it together – Hell yeah! I finally edged past Rosko and I was on a roll, 3, 4, 2, 2 – and then I was done! I'd made it! – I'd finally made it. All the workouts in the last 24hrs were finally over… 🙂

A big thanks

I'd like to thank Rosko for organising the event and coming up with all the WODs and a big thanks to all the guys who made it out to all of the workouts including the last 2 at our place in Palmerston. I hope this will be one of many Canberra CrossFit community events this year. This is totally what it's all about -> getting together with other crossfitters, smashing PRs and sharing in the suffering – but seriously, the whole weekend rocked – Thanks guys, You all rock!

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