Rosko’s mini-games update!

Rosko's mini games (5wods: 2days) are going to rock! The workouts will be run at a number of different venues across Canberra, starting on Friday night and through Saturday. It's gonna be totally awesome with a games type vibe so I'd really encourage you to come and have a crack or if you're not doing the WODs then support the guys who are 🙂


WOD 1 and 2 – Friday 6:30pm @ ANU gym, ANU (off North Rd.)

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WOD 3 – Saturday 7:30am @ Merici Oval (parking off Henty St. Braddon)

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WOD 4 – Saturday 3pm @ Adapt Health and Fitness (9 Grampians St. Palmerston)

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WOD 5 – Saturday 6:30pm @ back at AdaptHF

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