5wods: 2days

This weekend coming, Rosko from CrossFit Crew is running a mini CrossFit games event. Some more info direct from Rosko's site…

” This is a casual event aimed at giving CrossFitters a fun and competitive taste of what a CrossFit event can feel like physically and mentally. Scaling is allowed. You can choose to do the workouts with the group or if your under time constraints do it on your own and post your results on the blog. If you do choose to attend 1 0r 5 of  the group workouts all we ask for is $20 that will be donated to Camp Quaility.”

The workouts will be run at a number of different venues across Canberra, starting on Friday night and through Saturday:

  • WOD 1 and 2 – Friday 6:30pm @ ANU gym
  • WOD 3 – Saturday 7:30am @ Merici Oval
  • WOD 4 – Saturday 3pm @ Adapt Health and Fitness (Yay! it's at our place in Palmerston)
  • WOD 5 – Saturday 6:30pm @ Adapt Health and Fitness


For load:
1rm Snatch
1rm Clean & Jerk
1rm Bench press
1rm Back squat


3 Sets for total working time of:
35 Burpees
rest 45sec


For time:
Row 1200m
120 Double unders
Run 1200m


21-15-9reps for time of:
30/42.5kg Thrusters
Pull ups


“Another Bloody Chipper”
For time:
20 Ring dips
30 Sit ups
50 Box jumps
35/50kg Sumo deadlift high pull, 10 reps
Run 400m
35/50kg Sumo deadlift high pull, 10 reps
50 Box jumps
30 Sit ups
20 Ring dips

Even if you can't make it to every workout try and at least make it along to a couple (definitely make it out to ours on Saturday arvo) and support everyone who's having a go!


Sharing is Caring ;)
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