weekly schedule change and updates to the tracker

Session time changes

We knew coming into the new year we'd have to tweak it as we go. As well as the addition of a weekly southside session we knew we were going to have to make some changes to other session times until the flow was just right…

We've added a Monday AM session but ditched Thursday morning's AM session. We've also ditched the Wednesday night 'Fundamentals' session so I can run a CrossFit WOD out at ACT Barbell (Fyshwick) If you're interested in checking out Pete's gym in Fyshwick please let me know and I'll give you the details.

The new session times are as follows:

  • Monday – 6.30am CF (Palmerston), 8pm ‘Girls Only’ CF (Palmerston)
  • Tuesday – 6.30am Southside CF (Chapman), 8pm CF session (Palmerston)
  • Wednesday – 6.30am CF (Palmerston), 12.15pm lunchtime S&C (Lennox Gardens), 6.30pm CF (ACT Barbell, Fyshwick)
  • Thursday – no sessions
  • Friday – 6.30am CF (Palmerston)
  • Saturday – 8.30am S&C (Lennox Gardens), 3pm CF (Palmerston)
  • Sunday – no sessions

We'll continue to review and refine session times and locations over the coming weeks and months based on feedback from our clients.

Adapt Tracker

Terence has been chipping away at the massive task list of assigned him with some new improvements, namely:

  • Create new workout –> quick results entry
    This allows Sean and I the ability to quickly enter client's results when we create a new workout (I mean we take pics of the whiteboard any way – so it wasn't that much more effort to quickly enter in results on the same screen we add workouts on 🙂

If you think you've got some ideas on how to make the tracker better please send us an email – we'd love to get your feedback so we can continue to make it better for you to keep track of your fitness journey!


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