2nd week – 2 killer sessions in 2 days plus some Fresh Prince inspiration

Hey guys welcome back to the second week of training! It maybe hot outside but but our guys are killing it!

Last night saw Becca and Vonny hit 30 muscle-ups for time (scaled of course but none the less impressive) They both mentioned how their legs were fine so we finished with a set of tabata squats… full ROM no problemo….

This morning it was off to Chapman Oval for a couple of heats of Elizabeth (21,15,9: Squat cleans & ring-dips) Welcome back Sean & Shaun. Mikey, Karina, SJ and Timmy delivered the all the goods – so we finished it off with some tabata swings and stretches. Six people for only the second Southside session this year sure should motivate you northsiders to keep on it.

Tonight's Tuesday night session is going to be a hot one so make sure you've been hydrating all day and you're ready to hit it tonight 🙂

If you're not feeling 100% due to the heat try getting a little inspiration from Will Smith – take your time to watch it and really take it all in – this guys is totally switched on… I found the video via rosstraining.com

Sharing is Caring ;)
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