Happy New Year!

Hope everyone had an excellent break over Xmas and new years because Sean and I are back (even tho Sean's face is falling off from a sore tooth) and ready to hit the ground running in 2010!

New weekly Schedule

The new schedule for weekly sessions is as follows:

  • Monday – 8pm 'Girls Only' CF (Palmerston)
  • Tuesday – 6.30am Southside CF (Chapman), 8pm CF session (Palmerston)
  • Wednesday – 6.30am CF (Palmerston), 12.15pm lunchtime S&C (Lennox Gardens), 8pm CF 'Fundamentals'
  • Thursday – 6.30am CF (Palmerston)
  • Friday – 6.30am CF (Palmerston)
  • Saturday – 8.30am S&C (Lennox Gardens), 3pm CF (Palmerston)
  • Sunday – no sessions

New Wednesday night CF 'Fundamentals' sessions

Each Wednesday night we'll be running a pure technique session which will focus on learning CrossFit's 9 fundamental movements, as well as other technical movements like kipping pull-ups, muscle-ups, turkish get-ups, etc. It is highly recommended for anyone who regularly come to our CrossFit workouts. Learning movements in a dedicated session where we'll really have the time to break each movement down is much preferred over a quick crash-course intro just before WOD.

Of the four weeks in a month each Wednesday will be dedicated to learning the following movements:

  • Week 1 Wednesday – The Squats: Body weight squat, Front squat, Over-head squat
  • Week 2 Wednesday – The Presses: Press (shoulder), Push press, Push jerk
  • Week 3 Wednesday – The Lifts: Deadlift, Sumo Deadlift High-Pull (SDHP), Medicine Ball cleans
  • Week 4 Wednesday – Other movements: Kipping pull-ups, Cleans, Muscle-ups, etc.

New Fitness Tracker

We happy to announce that version1 of our session tracking software is now available to all our monthly clients. The first stab at this offers a simple interface that will allow you to see all the sessions you've attended (including workout details) as well as the ability to enter results/comments for each workout. We will be offering new features in the future but wanted to keep it really basic for the first release and get your comments and suggestions for further improvements down the track… Login details will be sent out shortly 🙂

New Gear!

More bars, more mats, more rings. Sean and I will be using all our income from January and putting it towards getting some new gear. More gear means we can run more people through workouts at the same time – we know how cool it is when everyone's sweating it out together so we want to make sure we have enough gear to make it happen. We're also looking to increase the amount of gymnastic sessions we'll be running this year and get people tumbling and doing handstands again (yes, like when you were a kid) So that means no more 'duck-poo' mats but some big fat, juicy ones 🙂

Sean and I are totally amped about 2010 and are looking forward to helping all our clients take it to the next level and reach all their health and fitness goals. If you have any questions regarding the changes please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll do our best to explain everything.

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