2009 xmas plans

Hi guys,

Just letting you know that Adapt will be shutting down over the Christmas period from 23 December 2009 – 2 Jan 2010.

But we'll still be running sessions over the next week and a bit so pull out your diaries and write down the following workouts:

  • 12.12.09 Saturday @ 8.30am (Lennox Gardens) & 3pm (Palmerston)
  • 14.12.09 Monday @ 8pm (Palmerston)
  • 15.12.09 Tuesday @ 8am & 8pm (Palmerston)
  • 16.12.09 Wednesday @ 12.15pm
  • 19.12.09 Saturday @ 8.30am (Lennox Gardens) & 3pm (Palmerston)
  • 21.12.09 Monday @ 8pm (Palmerston)

One might say that it could be possible to make it to all 8 workouts (if your body can handle it) before we start up again next year. If you're not sure how many pre-paid sessions you have left I'll be sending out emails to let you know – Speaking of pre-paid: As of Jan 2010 we'll be ditching pre-paid cards for an even better set-up. So make sure you come to the next few workouts as I'll be explaining the new changes in much greater detail 🙂

Sharing is Caring ;)
Coach B

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