Monday night ‘Girls Only’ CrossFit session

I knew it was only going to be matter of time before the girls caught on to this good thing the boys have had going for the last couple of months. So it's official: I'll be running a 'Girls Only' CrossFit session out of my garage in Palmerston on Monday nights @ 8pm.

We've also been running a new format that generally ensures that each session is over in 60 minutes which includes::

  • a warm up
  • some strength work (generally 3×3)
  • a WOD (Workout of the Day inc. finisher)
  • cool down & stretching

So if you're a girl and up for a challenge (both physical and mental) Make sure you book a spot at tonight's workout 🙂

COST: $20 or use an Adapt Flexi-sessions pre-paid card

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Coach B

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