Ben’s teeth are hurting but we’re still running sessions

Hi guys,

The bad news: As most of you know I'm off to the dentist today to get some teeth out… who knew that 30 years of eating and drinking sugar could do that to a guy?

The good news: Sean is back!
You heard right guys! Sean will be taking the next couple of outdoor group sessions: Today's Wednesday lunchtime workout and Saturday morning's workout (both in Lennox Gardens)

Sean has been working solidly over at Evo Fitness for the last 7 months and is one of their most respected (or should i say feared?) personal trainers. If the CrossFit session he ran last night is anything to go off – you'll be in for a couple of cracker workouts! So make sure you book into the sessions and come and show Sean your support 🙂


Sharing is Caring ;)
Coach B

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