sure it’s worth the hard work – just ask Tim & Rosey…

“Want to lose weight, tone up, get stronger and feel good about yourself?”

Well that's the tagline or at least the first line you see when you go to book a space at an upcoming workout. When I originally put it there I hoped that it would inspire to action any number of people looking to really make a change in their lives. I guess it's kinda catchy and it's definitely what I'd use in a google ad to get people coming to my website… but never could I have envisioned the real world results coming out of our group fitness sessions… I'm immensely proud of all the guys that make the effort to come and join us for a session – especially when it's 3 degrees, blowing a gale and yes, you could be indoors tucked in your bed @ 8:30am on a Saturday morning.

Most recently there have been a number of individuals starting to reap the benefits of their hard work and consistent attendance to Adapt workouts. Call them protégés. Call them warriors but these guys are taking it to the next level with their 'I'll give you 110% and then some…' attitude. Rosey (Andrew Rose) and Timmy (Tim Lipscombe) can officially be labeled as 'machines'. These guys continue to inspire me and others to push harder at workouts and keep giving your best – even when you've got nothing left to give… Whether or not it's Rosey downsizing his wardrobe or Timmy building a pull-up bar for the backyard, time after time, workout after workout they consistently deliver the goods at each and every session they attend and it's showing: Rosey's AKA 'Mr:My-pants-don't-fit-anymore' is looking better than ever and Timmy 'Mr: Consistent' has set the bar so high I can't even compete with him anymore (though trust me: I'm still trying….)

I don't have any exclusive info yet delving into the lives of these champions but rest assured I'll be getting the '411' over the next couple of weeks to find out what makes these guys tick and kick arse the way they do. As a matter of fact I've got so many guys and girls killing it at the moment that you can expect some highlights on all of them! Summer's coming so stay tuned! Get ready to get inspired. And most definitely, get ready to get fitter than ever before as I uncover all the secrets these guys use to get fit and looking good…


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