4th – 11 July 09 weekly wrap-up

Saturday morning Winter in the Park (or more appropriately: Saturday morning CrossFit)

Because of the small turnout I ended up running a session out of my garage in Palmerston. And because the participants were no strangers to crossfit – we ran the crossfit WOD “Kelly”


  • 5 rounds for time:
    • 400m run
    • 30 wall-ball (which we subbed with dumbell thrusters)
    • 30 box jumps


  • Nick: 29:06
  • Rosey: 31:15
  • Becca: 31:54

Now I've seen people get pretty beaten up before, but this workout looked like pure hell – Nick, Rosey & Becca will attest – it was probably of the hardest workout they had ever done…

Tuesday night crossfit WOD

For something that sure looked easy on the board, boy oh boy did it sort out everyone…
Timmy is on another level at the moment – he smashed through the WOD in 7:54 and Davo C brought in a solid 2nd place with 9:45
Russ & Dave H (two crossfit first-timers) didn't really 'hit a wall' – but more appropriately 'the wall' fell on them… Russ pushed on through though to lock in his first ever crossfit WOD @ 16:23 and Dave (DNF) assures me he will be back with his head in the game next time…


  • kettlebell snatch workshop


  • 3 rounds for time:
    • 30 KB snatches (15 each arm)
    • 21 box jumps
    • 15 knees to elbows


  • Tabata sit-ups & push-ups


  • Tim: 7:53 (15kg DB)
  • Davo: 9:45 (15kg DB)
  • Nick: 10:18 (12kg KB)
  • Rosey: 12:34 (15kg KB)
  • Russ: 16:07 (15kg DB)
  • Dave H: DNF

I was so juiced by Timmy's performance that I had trouble sleeping – so woke up first thing in the morning and got Becca to run me through the same workout… Ben: 7:35 (20kg KB)

Wednesday lunchtime 'Bullet proof your Body':

The few and the proud Payten, Tim & Nick rocked up for a near perfect weather session.

warm up:

  • agility ladder to 4 cone drill x 6
  • 30m short sprints x 3


  • cobra push-ups
  • sand bag step-ups/box jumps
  • kb swings, halos 2 slashers, figure o'8s (rnd 1, rnd 2, rnd 3)
  • kb deadlifts (24kg)
  • baby seal/keg shuttle or baby seal 'around-the-worlds'

Wednesday evening UC Winter Sessions: Session 2 'The Deadlift'

The UC girls braved their first outdoor session (last week it was inside) to learn a new move: the Deadlift. Technique was hard to fault and the following circuit got every one's 'huffy-puffy' up and going… Nice work ladies – and to the younger girls: continue to push yourself a bit harder at the next session – feeling a little bit dizzy is OK… 🙂 Look forward to learning 'The Kettlebell Swing' next Wednesday


  • partner resisted band walks (forward, backwards, sideways)
  • deadlift workshop (with PVC) & squats


  • wall push-ups
  • squats
  • bent over row (bumper plate)
  • box step-ups
  • kettlebell deadlift

Thursday lunchtime NLA Corporate Fitness:

warm up:

  • turkish get-ups


  • 3 rounds @ 50:10
    • bumper plate chest press
    • multi-box weighted step-ups
    • kettlebell swings
    • seated russian twist
    • bumper plate bent over row

Saturday morning 'Winter in the Park'

It was back to basics this week and it was good to see a decent turn out too!

Warm up:

  • Sumo deadlift high pull technique
  • jog and tyre flip relay and carry


  • 3 rounds @ 50:10
    • push-ups
    • dumbell thrusters
    • KB swings, halos, 8's
    • box jumps
    • sumo deadlift high pull
  • abs (1min, 30secs):
    • v-ups
    • planks
    • ab throw-downs

Everyone did really well and the weather was actually pretty nice. Went out to Beppe's afterward with a couple of the guys…

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