Adapt Flexi-sessions pre-paid card

After a lot of questions and comments regarding my last post on changes to payment structure for group workouts – Probably the biggest single concern for most participants was the lack of flexibility offered for missing a session due to sickness and prior engagements… Taking everyone's comments on board – I think I've come up with a real contender… The brand-spanking new: Adapt Flexi-sessions pre-paid card!

There are 2 card options:

  • 6 session pre-paid card for $60 (standard user: 1 session per week)
  • 12 session pre-paid card for $100 (heavy user: 2 sessions per week + 2 sessions free)

Card Conditions

  • valid at any open session
  • must be presented @ each session (and like a pool card it will be stamped @ each session)
  • both cards are valid for 2 months from date of issue
  • non-transferable

What this means for you

  • You'll still have to book for Saturday morning workouts and confirm attendance on Tuesday nights
  • Either purchase an Adapt Flexi-sessions pre-paid card or pay $20 per casual session (Yes, I want to encourage people to purchase a card…)
  • Bring your card to every workout

I'm pretty much going with this one guys and the cards are coming – So have $60 or $100 ready at the next workout (or pay online) then you'll get a card and go from there… Once again if you have any questions or comments send me an email or give me a buzz on 0407 900 795

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