New structure to/and payment changes for group fitness

Hi guys,

Sometimes we get heaps of participants to a group workout and sometimes we don't – You know you'll always get fun, challenging and effective workouts regardless of how many people rock up but when we don't get enough, running lunchtime and weekend sessions isn't always practical for me. Due to the time it takes to plan, set up, run and administer each session, I've decided to change a couple of things…

No – I won't be making any changes to my still, ridiculously cheap $10/ per session – I'll just be changing the way you pay for workouts…

Starting 29th June 09, I will be implementing two new 6 week outdoor fitness programs that consists of either:

  • 6 week: 1 session per week program ($60)
  • 6 week: 2 session per week program ($100)

So the major change is that you'll be signing up for a 6 week program and have to pay in advance the full amount. For most of the guys that come to the workouts consistently, it wont be an issue… But hey – if it gets you a little more committed – you know that's not a bad thing…

The biggest reason I've chosen this new system is because most other Canberra based PTs that run Bootcamps have done it this way for ages and I need to get out of the dark ages… But mostly, it's easier to administer and plan for 🙂

For more information on our July – Aug 09 6 week programs check out our current programs page

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