10,000BC workout with Ben

Had to take it right back to the beginning of time for this one. Pretending that you were a caveman and the only way to live was you had to catch and kill food with your bare hands – this workout tested everyone who turned up and with the occasional light drizzle to keep the boys cool -> the guys that rocked up really deserve a hand for toughing it out…

warm up:

  • stand in circle (by the fire) and pass objects around progressively testing the boys skill by adding additional objects… we ended up passing around 2 med balls and 2 dumbells -> it ended when one of the boys copped a med ball to the nether regions – nice.


  • working for 45secs:transition 15sec -> 3 rounds of:
    • alternating spider crawl (face down) / crab crawl (face up) -> (sneak up on the prey)
    • sandbag wrestle (take the prey down and try to work it over)
    • 20m sprints (prey gets away -> catch the prey again)
    • tire throws (caught it again -> now throw it as hard as you can)
    • kettlebell lat side raises (victorius over prey – show it off)
    • rope climb (start from laying position through to standing pos)
  • Abs -> working 45:15 for 2 rounds of:
    • crunches with twist
    • V-ups
    • mountain climbers

cool down:

  • walk it out
  • full body stretching
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