Saturday 21.02.09 – Unleash the Beast with Sean

Unleash the beast we did indeed, it took all the primitive instincts of the boys on Saturday to complete this brutal session, never has there been such an intense workout on the legs just using bodyweight exercises and the participants soon found that something so simple can be quite taxing on the body

some crunches after lunge-walking

some crunches after lunge-walking

Warm up:

  • Jogging->high knees->boots to glutes

Conditioning: 4 rounds starting with 20 reps of each exercise then 15, 10, 5 with 20m lunge walk in between each station, at own pace

  • Bodyweight squats
  • Pushups
  • Ab crossovers
  • Feet up crunches

Cool down:

  • Jog->walk and stretches

This sounds and looks easy but you ask anyone, walking lunges absolutely kill, and any of the boys will confirm that for you.

lunge-walking earlier in the session

lunge-walking earlier in the session

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