Saturday 21.02.09 – Unleash the Beast with John

It's called Unleash the Beast, and that's exactly what the boys did with this workout:

Warm up:

  • resisted running
  • shoulder charges

Conditioning: 3 rounds, 1 minute at each station, extended rests between rounds (1 minute then 2 minutes)

  • Keg combo – curl and press (bicep curl and shoulder press with keg)
  • Caveman (bashing a tire with mallets)
  • Sledgehammer twists (swinging a sledgehammer either side)
  • Keg run (20m run with keg above head, push-ups and bent-over rows at either end of the track)
  • Kettlebell weaves (isometric squat, passing kettlebell around the legs)
  • Throw down pit (punching, running, throwing kegs and med balls)

Cool down:

walk and stretches

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