Wednesday workout with the boys 21.01.09

I've been trying to get more guys along to our Wednesday work outs and totally racking my brains trying to craft an email that would pull on the heart strings of the guys on the email list… Well my latest email seemed to hit the spot as at today's session we had 10 guys rock up (inc. 4 first timers 🙂

This is what I wrote:


I've had a tonne of excuses from guys that could have made it to last weeks session but didn't. So if you can't make it to tomorrow's workout because you need to organise your matchbox collection, or it interferes with your daily ritual of a bucket-o-hot-chips-&-sauce… I guess we'll understand…

It's probably won't be much of an excuse next time you put your back out packing groceries into the back of the car though… Or having to prematurely end playtime with the kids because you're turning into puff, puff, puff the magic dragon…?

They guys who come to Wednesday WODs aren't iron men
They come to workout with mates. To get fitter, faster & stronger with other mates trying to do the same. They come to feel better about themselves and they do – Winners do what losers don't (cliché – perhaps…?)

Sweating's actually OK – more guys should do it more often…


warm up

  • walk/run to Lennox Gardens
  • mixed run downs (down: front. down: back…etc.)
  • 50x seal jacks
  • 3x shoulder charge, drop, pushup and roll

work out

  • part 1: upper body
    • 10 countdown for log push ups, jumping jacks (eg. 10 push ups, 10 jumping jacks, 9 push ups… etc.)
    • partner assist lat pull downs
  • Part 2: legs (pelvic stabilization)
    • 2 rounds @ 60secs working:20secs recovery (each side) of:
      • static lunges (5/leg and swap)
      • lying side leg raises
      • dirty dog (pissing on a tree)
      • lying hip adduction (groin)
      • donkey kick (abs then butt)
  • Part 3: Abs
    • 2 rounds @ 60secs working:20secs recovery of:
      • full body v-ups
      • bicycle crunches
      • partner assist ab throw downs

cool down

  • Turkish get-up workshop (key movements, proper technique)
    full body stretching


  • If you feel sore tomorrow make sure you continue to flush your body out with lots of water and stretches (You've stretched enough with us now tbe able tdmost of the stretches on your own…)
  • If you really wanna see some strength tbe gained from doing Turkish get-ups check this out!
  • for an excellent step by step break down see this tutorial over at Art of Strength…
Sharing is Caring ;)
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