Group Classes (CrossFit)

Better with a Buddy

We’ve been CrossFitting since 2009 and prefer the CrossFit Methodology of “constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity” to increase our physical and mental capacity

Adapt runs over 25 group CrossFit classes per week – You can view our schedule here

Each class runs for an hour and is usually structured as outlined below:

  1. 5-10 warm up – designed to get your body temp up, loosen up your joints, tendons and ligaments and prep neural pathways for the WOD that follows
  2. part 1: weightlifting or gymnastic technique –
    1. weightlifting -> think max snatch or 3x5 back squats, etc. or
    2. gymnastic technique -> think handstands, pull-up or muscle-up technique, etc.
  3. part 2: a metcon (metabolic conditioning) – think interval training (may include gymnastics, aerobic ); then
  4. a cool down – yin based stretching or a ‘cash-out’ style movement/s

A little bit more on how we run things…

I’m always trying to put into words what I think of this place and our incredible community –

Group Class Prerequisites

If you’re new to CrossFit then it’s vital that you complete our Fundamentals Sessions before joining our group classes.

If you’ve recently moved to Canberra and/or you’re coming directly from another CrossFit Affiliate then all you’ll have to do is book in for a testing session -> Give us a call on 026519248 or use our contact form to get started 😉