Adapt doesn’t have contracts (we do month to month memberships) and if you’re keen to get on top of your health and fitness the best way to get started is with our 1:1 Fundamentals…

1. Fundamentals – $130 (3x 45 min 1:1 sessions)

If you’ve never done CrossFit before then the best option is to book in for our CrossFit Fundamentals pack. Over the course of 3x 45 minute sessions you’ll learn the keys to a number of CrossFit’s fundamental movements. The sessions are as follows:

  • Session 1: The squats (the air squat, front squat, back squat and OH squat)
  • Session 2: Shoulder to OH (strict press, push-press, push-jerk and split jerk)
  • Session 3: The Lifts (deadlift, power snatch and power clean)

Time permitting, we may also introduce you to a number of additional movements but these sessions will give you the confidence to join our regular group classes and they also provide our coaches with a better understanding of your current ability and level of fitness

2. Memberships – From $180/month

Adapt offers a number of fully featured memberships (with no contracts) from $180/month – to find out a call on 02 6251 9248

3. Moving to Canberra from another Affiliate?

If you’ve previously trained at another CrossFit Affiliate, then the easiest way to get started with Adapt is to book into a 1:1 movement test.

In this session you’ll get an opportunity to demonstrate your current knowledge and ability

From there we will either recommend you

  1. jump straight in to classes; or
  2. complete Fundamentals and then jump into classes

If you’d like to organise Fundamentals or a Movement Test, give us a call on 02 6251 9248 or use our online form

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